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Cross country mountain biking

July 16, 2015

Let me first say that there are some excellent downhill mountain biking trails in Williams Lake. It most certainly is popular, particularly with the younger generation who have less fear, work and family obligations than the older generation who ride the trails. Some may say that downhill mountain bikers are a different breed to the rest of the mountain biking community.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, just as downhill and  cross country riders are a different breed, the bikes they ride are as well. The cross country bike is completely different in many ways from other types of mountain riding bikes.  Bikes used in cross country mountain biking can be fully rigid frame, hardtails, or even full suspension frames. Through the years, the cross over to full suspension has become very popular.

The weight difference between downhill bikes and cross country bikes are considerable. You’ll be extremely hard pressed to find a bike that weighs more than 24 pounds, and even that weight can be heavy. Downhill bikes weigh close to 40 pounds, which makes the difference in weight pretty close.

If you’ve never tried cross country mountain biking, you’ll probably find it to be a break from the ordinary. Even though this type of biking involves trails and obstacles, it’s normally the type of terrain that beginners would want to ride over speeding downhill as fast as possible. Involving hills and rough terrain, cross country biking can still offer quite the rush.

With the shuttles running up Fox Mountain during summer, the opportunity to get some great downhill mountain biking in is not a chance to pass up.  But, if speed isn’t your thing, the varied network of trails around Williams Lake offer some of the best cross country mountain biking in the Cariboo and possibly British Columbia.  We are obviously a little biased, but, you get that.

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